New Utility! JSON/YAML tools

September 4th, 2023

I made a new thing!

I know there are already sites to do this, but I though I would add it to my utilities in hope of build a one stop shop folks how need them. Checkout the JSON/YAML tools.

You can convert from JSON to YAML, YAML to JSON, and even format and minimize JSON.

First Post

August 20th, 2023

Always Need a First Post!

So this is a work in progress. Please excuse the dust. I will try to keep adding stuff to this and making useful things. Let's see how it goes. Anyway, I do have some cool utilities you can check out.

Here's a short TODO list:

  • Add more utilities
  • Write more posts
  • Complete my about page
  • Share coding projects
  • Have fun
  • Promote the site